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We offer the best leads with the highest conversion rate the industry has seen.

Stop wasting time calling your leads all day long to only contact 20% of the leads. Start optimizing today!

FREE Clever Closers CRM

After spending millions on ads we find that following up with a client within 5 minutes of them opting in drives conversion rate up to nearly 80%.

The CRM is going to engage your leads within that "Fast 5" minute window to start the conversation, and then drip on them for 90 days on your behalf.

200 FREE Text Messages

Dedicated Phone Number

Best Converting Text Scripts Included

iOS & Android App

Highest Quality Leads

100% Exclusive & NO reselling

Leads Generated in Real-Time

60 Second SMS Opt-In Verification

Email Validation

Phone Validation

TrustedForm Consent

Advantage Life Leads

With years of testing under our belts. These are by far the highest quality lead that we've seen generated:

SMS Verified Opt-In: Each lead sees a ad & requests more information by filling out a form. To finalize their submission the lead MUST verify their phone number via SMS verification within 60 seconds.

High Conversion Rate - The majority of the agents running these leads are top producers that follow our exact playbook on how to contact, run & close these leads.

As Good As Mailers: Even though these are generated online via multiple sources, the contact rate, close rate & average AP per sale is very comparable if not better than the direct mail leads.


We Offer Unique Lead Types


  • Per Lead

Statewide Mortgage Protection

100% Exclusive & No Duplicates

High-Intent & Real-Time Delivery

Phone Number & Email Validation

Lead Card PDF

Mobile or Landline Distinction

Text & Call Scripts

Ad Includes: Mortgage Protection Insurance

Ad Does Not Include: Free Coverage, Government, SSI



  • Per Lead

Statewide IUL

100% Exclusive & No Duplicates

High-Intent & Real-Time Delivery

Phone Number & Email Validation

Lead Card PDF

Mobile or Landline Distinction

Text & Call Scripts

State Specific Targeting

Ad Does Not Include: Free Coverage, Government, SSI


How Our Leads Are Different

SMS Verified Phone Number

SMS verification must occur within 60 seconds of the client filling out their information.


We integrate with some of the leading CRM's to ensure that you are able to setup effective campaigns to allow the highest conversion rate possible.

Lead Quality

Our goal is the highest contact rate possible derived from manual client opt-in and SMS verification (Lead types may vary).

Real Time Notifications

The moment a lead fills out the form you receive a text message with all of the lead submission information.

Lead Verification

The lead is ran through Phone Verification & Email Verification to ensure they are real numbers & emails.

No Bait & Switch

We do not over promise on the ads. They mention Affordable Life Insurance on the ad copy & nothing in regard to free benefits, or social security benefits.


Our Leads In Three Simple Steps


Client Clicks on Ad

Ad verbiage includes: Insurance or Affordable.

Ad Verbiage Does Not Include: Free, Social Security Benefit or Government Program.


Client Fills Out Contact Form

Client manually fills out personal information & awaits your call. Client has the ability to manually edit any of their information.


Client Info is Sent to You

Client information is immediately sent to your Clever Closers CRM. Our high converting drips will be pre-loaded into your account & start upon lead delivery.


See For Yourself...

I ordered 25 leads which delivered yesterday alone and had a 73% response rate on the first 2 text messages from the drip. It was unreal...

Feature Headline

- Steve G.

Hands down the best leads I've come across in a long time. The contact rate & close ratio I have with them remind me a lot of when I used to block out counties for direct mail. Super happy with the results so far!

Feature Headline

- Mike L.

My experience with Advantage Life Leads has been amazing. The leads they provide are high quality and a noticeable difference in quality due to the text verification. I believe any agent or agency could do well with these.

Feature Headline

- Jordan H.


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Where are you guys from?

Great question…We have been generating leads from a bunch of different industry’s for years- Network Marketing, Solar, Real Estate, Pest Control, etc…and we have seen the need for a truly high quality, high contact rate lead. Our goal is to put the agents ROI first above all else as we have done with all of our clients in the past. To date, we have generated over 1 Million leads and look forward to supporting you and your business goals.

What are your prices?

Our prices are based on market need and costs to acquire high quality data and turn that into high converting leads. We are not the cheapest option out there, but that is not what you are looking for. We truly cater to the top producer who understands that good things always cost a little bit more.

What is your lead credit policy?

We generate statewide leads for top virtual sales producers so our goal is to optimize your lead orders to exactly what you are looking for. However, we are human so mistakes are rare but do happen, so we offer a replacement for leads that are over 85 years old, reside outside the states initially purchased, or have disconnected numbers. To qualify for a replacement, the lead must be submitted within 24 hours of receiving it. We do not offer refunds or replacements for any other reason. Thank you for choosing our lead generation business.

What is your refund / cancel order policy?

We will cancel and refund your order in full within 2 hours of receiving your order. We move very fast so we are most likely already working to fulfill your order, but we understand things do happen. After the order has been fulfilled there will no refunds processed.

If you do want to cancel your order, you need to email us within 2 hours of the order being placed, please email us at:

Are your leads resold?

We never resell your leads. All the leads we generate for you are 100% exclusive to you.

Have Another Question In Mind?


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